Terms Of Service

You must be 18 or over to purchase a gecko. If you are under 18 then you need to have your guardian process the transaction and approve the order.  

All sales are final but there may be certain exceptions. Switches (prior to shipping) for other geckos are allowed if within the first 10 days following the original order. 

You must be an authorized user for the Credit Card, Debit Card, or PayPal account you are using.

All orders must be paid in full prior to shipment. Orner Exotics accepts payments by Credit Card/Debit Card, Cash, and Paypal. Credit cards and debit cards will be processed through PayPal. Note that a PayPal account is not required for these purchases with a credit or debit card. 

Payment Plans
Payment plans are welcome on orders over $150 with at least 25% down and the balance paid in within 30 days. Please note that all deposits are non refundable but may be applied to another animal of your choice. This is only applicable if still within the first 30 days and the purchase is the same value or greater.  If you lapse on your payment plan then all deposits are forfeited. Sorry we do not place “holds” on geckos without the minimum deposit.  If you have a special circumstance please contact us and we will try to work out an arrangement. I am reasonable but communication is a must.

Orner Exotics uses Reptiles 2 You.  Please be aware of your local laws in keeping reptiles. Currently we ship throughout the US and some parts of Alaska. We can arrange shipments to Canada through a third party.

We ship live animals overnight only on Mondays and Wednesdays for arrival the following morning.  I personally drive all my shipments directly to the hub. Certain conditions such as extreme weather, animal feeding cycles, and personal reasons may delay shipping. Once payment has been received shipping will be arranged. Note that I will NOT blindly ship, so once payment is received I will confirm the address and best date to ship. For the obvious reasons if I don’t get a response the shipment will not be sent out. If you haven’t received a response then please check your spam folder first. 

Shipping costs (US) will usually be $55/box but larger shipments may reflect higher shipping costs.  Animals will not be guaranteed for live arrival if no one is available to receive the package. FedEx typically delivers by 10:30am but this can vary based on your location.   If you live in a rural area please check your tracking for the estimated arrival times. If your tracking says “4:30pm delivery” then that typically means the package will arrive somewhere between 12-4:30pm. 

Once delivered the box is to be opened immediately. For example animals left outside on the porch in the sun or in cold temps all day will not be guaranteed for live arrival.  Any concerns related to shipping must be reported immediately by email with pictures. Bottom line, be there to receive the package when it is delivered! NOTE: Orders over $750 may require a signature so be prepared. 

If the reptile arrives colder than room temperature please allow them to warm up slowly by leaving them in their deli cup or bag at room temperature as needed. Tracking numbers will be provided so you can check your package’s status online. Orner Exotics takes great care to make sure the animal arrives in good health. Orner Exotics reserves the right to refuse a guarantee due to improper care or husbandry.

Please note that we pack the geckos tight and aim for the package arrive  in the 60-72f range. This helps ensure the safety of the geckos. We do not punch holes in the box on purpose as it is not required and helps insulate the gecko better. 

Health: Animals are guaranteed to arrive alive and in good health. Any issues must be reported immediately by email. In the very unlikely event that an animal is dead on arrival we will require an email with pictures within 2 hours of delivery time.  We will replace the animal or issue credit for a future purchase  We have yet to lose an animal in the shipping process and plan to keep it that way. 

We guarantee leopard geckos for 7 days after arrival. Other species (not leopard geckos) will be only guaranteed to arrive healthy as these are much more prone to a keeper’s error in husbandry.  Proper and immediate communication is required. Guarantees are typically for store credit only (no refunds).  We will not guarantee an animal if we can’t discuss the problem with you in detail. Basically, don’t email us a week after the issue is first noticed. If we have determined the issue is related to stress and over-handling of the gecko the guarantee is void. If the gecko is refusing to eat please see our Gecko Not Eating page. 
**All gecko guarantees are void if the gecko purchased is housed with any other gecko or reptile.

Temperament: Please keep in mind that reptiles temperament can vary from animal to animal. Although leopard geckos are typically docile, we cannot guarantee a gecko will be “tame” to one’s own personal satisfaction. Geckos usually can be worked with to become manageable in the right hands, and we will make every attempt to help along the way.  If this is a big issue for you, we are more than happy to try to pick you out a more docile animal.

Sexing/Hets: Animals are guaranteed to be sexed properly unless sold as unsexed, “probable” or “temperature sexed” (temperature sexing is not 100% accurate). “Probable” means that I have made my best guess but am not 100% on the sex yet.  Incorrectly sexed animals can be returned shipped for full refund, credit or replacement. Return shipping is paid for by customer and reimbursed once we can verify the sex. We also guarantee that all 100% hets are heterozygous for the trait indicated. All possible hets are not guaranteed to carry the recessive trait. In the unlikely event that a 100% het animal doesn’t prove out a credit (no refunds) for only the amount of the original animal’s sales price will be given. Hidden hets will be taken on a case by case basis depending on the conflicting nature of the hets. Orner Exotics tests every animal purchased. We maintain a very clean and tracked collection. If a mistake does happen. Contact us

Please note that if I feel you are unable to properly care for and maintain the animal selected, I will not  ship until you are ready.  Please do your homework and be prepared before you receive your new gecko. See our care section for research purposes

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