About Us

Hello, Our names are Gary, Laura and Jillian. We are a family own and ran business.

Gary has been in the hobby for 26 years. He has bred everything from Jungle Carpet Pythons to Western Diamondback Rattlesnakes. He no focuses on bringing the best Leopard Geckos around. Gary has been on Radio Shows along with TV. Shooting film for some larger networks and our own youtube channel.

Laura has loved animals sense she was a little girl. She loves Birds, Turtles and geckos. She also loves Tegus and how they love to interact with you. Max her Moluccan Cockatoo is her pride and joy even when he is being loud.

Jillian follows in her Daddy’s and Mommy’s Footsteps with her love of animals and wildlife. She wants to help all animals when she is older. She has a way with all animals that is not seen with many people.

We love Wildlife and the hobby! We produce some of the best quality animals in the hobby and offer Educational programs for schools and personal parties!

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